You Don't Know Me (версия 3)




Описание: You Don't Know Me (версия 3)

But it doesn't mean you're in my circle
Yeah, [?] and I'm feeling on trial
And you can't keep up, you just fall back
'Cause money looks better when I see it all stacked up
Uh uh uh, see I can't get too much of a good thing
Swear me I'ma dress up in the finest things
Please hold your tongue, oh, don't say a damn thing
Hmm, see you out from camera flashing
Please step back, it's master your [?]
You here for long? No, I'm just passing
Do you wanna drink? No, thanks for asking

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Jax Jones feat. Raye - You Don't Know Me

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