Описание: U-RITE

When you put it like that, like that, like that, u rite
Nigga think he got it like that, wanna act like that
Alright, I'm about to have to backtrack backtrack, track off that
U rite, u rite, u rite, u rite, u rite, yeah

(Rule 1!) Never ever give a bitch a clue what you really tryna get into (Two!)
Both her friends wanna come with me, tell her good things always come in 3s (Three!)
Can't let you walk out that door 'til you show me what that pussy hittin' for (Four!)
Not tryna fuck up the vibe, but you got be out by a quarter to 5, hoe (Five, five, five!)

Исполнитель и название полного трека: THEY. - U-RITE

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