tyDi feat. Asiahn - Lost (версия 3)




Описание: tyDi feat. Asiahn - Lost (версия 3)

Cause I won't trip, actin' like I don't need you
I want you right now, I don't care 'bout later
I bet you thinkin' you some kinda player
I'll shut it down, leavin' traces of my makeup cause
You keep fillin' me up, these dranks all in my cup
This beat loud, I hear it now, I'm shakin' all of my stuff
We on the left side of this club, so tough they can't see us
You got it now, I say you're proud, just give me all of your love
Meet me later...

Исполнитель и название полного трека: tyDi feat. Asiahn - Lost (Original Mix)

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