Timeflies - Something Wrong




Описание: Timeflies - Something Wrong

I live by the law of attraction, I want what I'm after
I probably should figure that out
I'm in love with distraction and overreacting
As if I know what it's about
But you can't tell me that you ain't never been wrong before
No, you can't help me
Look, that's not what I'm asking for
And you know I'd never point a finger out at anyone else
It's pointless to look in the mirror and not see yourself
And not see the real, and not just see the man you've become
I got my own school of thought and I'm the only alum
Look, tough times pass, tough people stand the test
I'm staying with my tribe on something like a quest
Haven't done it perfect, got some mistakes, I confess
Bring your brooms, it's a motherfucking mess

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