Roy Jones Jr. - Body Head Anthem




Описание: Roy Jones Jr. - Body Head Anthem

Крутой Рэп рингтон из песни Body Head Anthem, исполнитель Рой Джонс-младший американский боксёр-профессионал. Серебряный призёр Олимпийских игр 1988 года. Абсолютный чемпион мира в полутяжёлой весовой категории.

Текст песни:
First of all most I ain't coming for no foolishness
You better question round and ask somebody who you're fooling with
You making an ass out of me like the same possibility
of you winning the power ball lottery
You gotta be outta your mind to even start
I'll Chop your dam pork with out a knife and a fork
You niggaz oughta wait, polish your skills up for another day
'cause I'm the biggest shark in this park and you just another bait
Choppa that name ringing in your brain
From the Body to the Head and we bringing niggaz pain
Street Ballas ballin in the streets behind the chain
So don't make us up them thangs and get to sprayin'

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Roy Jones Jr. - Body Head Anthem


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