RKCB - Elevated (Joe Mason Remix)




Описание: RKCB - Elevated (Joe Mason Remix)

I can feel the change
Underneath the surface of your skin
Spreading like a wave
Waiting for the moment to begin
Nothing more to say
Even though I try and try again
Do you feel the same?
Do you feel the same?
Cause I've been thinking on it
I've been thinking on it now
Don't know how to numb it
Don't know how to tell myself
Just stop, breathe
Running out of ways
Out of ways to take this patiently
I don't wanna stay, I don't wanna stay under
I try to find your clarity
Elevated over me
In the water, out of reach
Elevated over me

Исполнитель и название полного трека: RKCB - Elevated (Joe Mason Remix)

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