Offset & Gucci Mane - Gala




Описание: Offset & Gucci Mane - Gala

Mil' in a week (hey),
I bought a iced out Philippe (ice)
Yeah, playin' for keeps (keeps).
Suck up the gang, she a leech (leech)
Came in the game with a key (key).
My pockets blew up, Monique (Monique)
Ooh, she got that perfect physique (ooh)
I'll tape a brick to her cheeks (brick).
Now that I'm gettin' this money
I'm fuckin' these thotties, they tryna get come-ups (come-ups).
This a good week, I've been stackin' up Ms
And I'm snatchin' that Wraith in the mornin' (Wraith).
I was that nigga locked up in the cell
And they treated me like I was normal (normal).
Thankin' the Lord for them blessings
I just left the Met Gala dressin' up formal (formal).

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Offset & Gucci Mane - Gala

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