LondonBeat - Where are you




Описание: LondonBeat - Where are you

Ev'rybody's telling you what you wanna hear
so how you gonna know what's fake and what's real
who's gonna tell you things ain't so great
when your so-called friends won't tell it to your face
fair weather, foul weather ev'ry kind o'mood
I'll be there for you standing like a tower or truth
who's gonna get you through the sum of all fears
when the world is crum'bling around your ears

when the lights go out will you face the dark alone?
Or will you call my name? 'Cos I'll be there and I'll be strong

Where are you? Where are you?
even the shadows call your name
oh, I will never be the same
while O keep searching on and on
living my life living my life without you

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