Kat Graham - Sometimes (Dinaire & Bissen Remix)




Описание: Kat Graham - Sometimes (Dinaire & Bissen Remix)

Sometimes people change, sometimes people don't
Sometimes people live and last but I'm the kind that won't
Sometimes it feels like sometimes we get in our own way
But you really gotta know

That I would do anything for you
If you would just stop it and be cool
Cause sometimes i just need time to be doin' my thing
Don't you take it so personal
Woah, oh
Don't I say I love you
Oh, woah
Don't I say I care, yeah
Don't I say I'm with you, boy
Fact that I'm not going anywhere

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Kat Graham - Sometimes (Dinaire & Bissen Remix)


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