Flipsyde - Someday (OST Никогда не сдавайся)




Описание: Flipsyde - Someday (OST Никогда не сдавайся)

Отрывок песни Someday (OST Никогда не сдавайся):

They tellin' me it's all good just wait
You know you're gonna be there someday
Sippin' on Jim Beam ok
Gotta get these things one day
Till then do another line you know
Searching for that other high
Stop or I gotta steal then steal
Kill or I'm gonna be killed
I got a sack in my pocket
Conscience yellin' drop it
You know we're gonna lose it someday
And we tryin' to hold it all together but the devil is too clever so
I'm gonna die you gonna die we gonna die Someday one day I said

Someday we gonna rise up on the wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Flipsyde - Someday

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