Dizzle Beatz - Frankie Krupnik




Описание: Dizzle Beatz Frankie Krupnik

Vocabulary villain
Spitting ill shit
Hit the kill switch on a bitch
One titty two tits
Frank Krupnik got the smooth shit
Make a chick bounce for the ounce
Hit the purp, 'bout to hit it in reverse
Make her chirp, yeah
She's a flirt
Do some work, lift her skirt, yeah
Crush the herb, got some kush on reserve
Larry Bird bitch I'm soul clutch
Incinerate the marijuana in the Dodge
Chalk the rust off the chrome pipe
Best keep the dome tight
And you can tell I'm in my zone, right?

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Dizzle Beatz - Frankie Krupnik


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