DCCM - Get Ugly (версия 2)




Описание: DCCM - Get Ugly (версия 2)

I can't, I can't even lie
I'm about to be that guy
Someone else gon' have to drive me home
La la la
Bang-a-rang-rang, bang-a-ring-a-rang-rang
Bass in the trunk, vibrate that thang
Do your thang, thang, girl
Do that thang like la la la

Tell them pretty faced girls tryna brass each other
And them undercover freaks who ain't nun' but trouble
Baby, I'mma tell you some' only cause I love ya
People all around the world sexy motherfuckers

Get ugly
Yeah, get ugly, babe
Get ugly
You're too sexy to me
Sexy to me
You're too sexy to me
Sexy to me
So sexy
Damn, that's ugly

Исполнитель и название полного трека: DCCM - Get Ugly ( Jason Derulo Metal Cover)


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