Blackmore`s Night - No Second Chance




Описание: Blackmore`s Night - No Second Chance

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Title: No Second Chance
Album: Shadow of the moon

My diamond´s clouded over where it used to shine like light,
And the day keeps running faster,
To the arms of night...
The stiches on the tapestry say,
"Everything in time,
Will find it´s way home again,"
But I´m tired of crying...
No Second Chances
Don´t knock on my door
There won´t be any answer
I won´t be here no more...
This house we had together
Might still be in its place
But the rest of this is much too hard to face,

There´ll be No Second Chance...

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Blackmore`s Night - No Second Chance

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