Bipolar Sunshine & Gryffin - Whole Heart (BKAYE Remix)




Описание: Bipolar Sunshine & Gryffin - Whole Heart (BKAYE Remix)

The fog is landing on this cold street
halfway to where my world and yours meet
i turn the car dial up and feel the false heat
before Im back home, lying getting no sleep

i grew up running from the outside
spent evenings looking for a place to hide
if i said love came easy, then you know i lied
i wish that love came easy, but i have to try

and tomorrow ill be by your side again
with all the hurt that ive been holding in

i know im failing but im trying hard
i swear ill be there when the tears start
before the sky comes falling and the seas part
im gonna learn to love you with my whole heart

you went home thinking i was distant
you thought it must have been what you said
but i dont need no reasons to be upset
when i can make up trouble in my own head

but when i tell you you mean everything
its more than words i only half mean

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