ASAP Ferg & Snoop Dogg - East Coast




Описание: ASAP Ferg & Snoop Dogg - East Coast

10-20 was my date of birth, the day I came to Earth
Bottles sipping, love to burp, young nigga that's doing dirt
Long Beach across my shirt, all y'all niggas gon' get merked
What the fuck is you talking 'bout?
Me and Ferg, we gon' put in work
Bang on ya' gang culture, out of this world
It's all on a bitch, is she a Blood? Is she a Crip?
Don't slip, think not, on the block where it's hot
Legalize with the nines, give a fuck about a cop
Real shit, this is it, from the bottom to the Bay
This is anybody K, California all day
Yessir, on the curb, Mossberg by the band
Little homies on the roof with the blam-blam-blam
Long Beach, popping pill on em
I been working so hard, nigga get your bale on
I been working so hard, niggas put the sales on
I been working so hard, welcome to the hellzone, zone
See I'm from Long Beach

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