ASAP Ferg & Busta Rhymes - East Coast




Описание: ASAP Ferg & Busta Rhymes - East Coast

Run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up (remix)
Fuck that shit, we get turnt 'til the sun is up
All of you niggas get burnt when the gun is up
This that East Coast motherfucker
Call me Mr. East Coast motherfucker
Let me give them a friendly reminder real quick, yo

Y'all already know that I don't gotta talk
Every single time I come you niggas know I gotta do it
Yes I gotta do it and I gotta kill em and I gotta hit em
Yes you know a nigga gotta beat em stupid
Only got 41 seconds just to give a nigga shit
Every second bitch I gotta use it
Some wet a nigga bluer and I cannot
Grab the microphone and not make a motherfucker lose it
And I make niggas jump in the back
Niggas up, she in the back of the truck
Lil' mommy wanna fuck and she really wanna suck
When I finish with it then we go in the back of the club
And we do this shit again my nigga pronto
Bip-de-boo-da-badda-beat it like a bongo
Banging on the pussy like a nigga named Alonzo
Head game crazy that nigga the head honcho
Mad because I took his bitch and now he thinks he macho?
Somebody better call the cops yo
'Fore we run up the side that niggas lil' condo
Put him in a box so the nigga in a cargo (cargo, cargo)
Shut a nigga down (fake bitch)
Throw a bottle at ya, shut a nigga mouth (break shit)
Come and follow me, stand up on the couch
Let us wallow, niggas know we're in the house
East Coast! (Nigga)

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